Annexure 3(Date: 21-09-2015)


Annexure 3

Format for Organization Related Information

 Supporting documents for this Annexure shall be numbered as 3A, 3B, 3C, etc.

 1. Name of Organization

 2.  Name of Authorized Signatory

 3.  Designation of Authorized Signatory

 4.  Mobile No. of Authorized Signatory

 5.  Email of Authorized Signatory

 6.  Fax                                             :

 7.  Address :

 8.  Nature of Business of Organization

 Original Equipment Manufacturer?    : Yes / No

If yes, please specify in detail the equipments

or components of the LED solar home lights, solar powered streetlights, solar products & accessories and any other system towards cost effective clean energy solution for reduction of carbon emissions being manufactured as a part of your business:

Channel Partner?                          :     Yes / No

If yes, please specify the name of the Partner:

Assembler?                                  :     Yes / No

Check yes, if the business doesn't

manufacture any equipment, but only assembles

Trader?                                       :     Yes / No

If yes, please specify the name(s) of the OEM:

Other?                                        :  Please specify:

Warranty?                                  : Please specify:

Maintenance?                            Yes/No

Please specify if tied up with any other for maintenance

5.9     Company Financial Summary                      Net Worth                  Turnover

FY: 2014-15                                :

FY: 2013-14                                :

List of Annexure                                                                   

Annexure 3A      :Certificate of Incorporation

Annexure 3B      :Company Audited Statements, FY 2014-15

Annexure 3C  :Company Audited Statements, FY 2013-14